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SPF 50 Natural Tinted Moisturiser - MEDIUM-DARK

SPF 50 Natural Tinted Moisturiser - MEDIUM-DARK

Introducing our SPF 50 Natural Tinted Moisturiser (50 ml) - a 100% natural vegan tinted moisturiser that provides excellent coverage, evens out skin tone, hides blemishes and blends incredibly well across all skin colours. Deeply moisturising with SPF 50 broad spectrum protection - this product will replace your need for foundation!


Comes in 3 shades:


Light - suits extra fair skin

Light-Medium - suits fair & lightly olive skin

Medium-Dark - suits tanned & dark skin or those who have applied self-tanner

Silky & luxurious to the touch, this product makes the perfect alternative to make-up.


Made in Perth, Western Australia


See tabs for Ingredients and Directions of use. All products have a 3 year shelf life. See crimp of tube for expiry.


TGA Registered - AUST L 358035


*All of our products are oil-based in order to be 100% natural and preservative free. The plant oils used are 98% non-comedogenic & do not block pores. Our formulas quickly absorb into the skin, leaving a dewy moisturised complexion.*

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